The current libre and open source toolset allows pushing the boundaries of book making. During the last 10 years, in a wish to go beyond limits imposed by proprietary software, designers, artists and collectives researched new ways of thinking the publishing chain. PrePostPrint, initiated by Sarah Garcin and Raphaël Bastide in 2017 is a network made up of such people, events and tools. The collective shares ways of crafting graphic objects, with alternative, libre or DIY tools or made in a certain context constrained by its economy, its emergency or its collaborative nature. The Seminar A Party To Print was given in this context of experimental publishing, free software, and collaboration.


During a party called “Blur Factory” organized by students, data and pictures from the guests were collected live and injected into the book layout in real time.

Before that event, during the seminar, we have collectively built 4 devices to capture text and images. Each device was designed by a group of student, matches a part in the book, and was linked to a particular space or time of the party.


Chapter: Introduction of the book


Chapter 1: Spaces


Chapter 2: The Shadows Of Heroes Are Jello


Chapter 3: Traces And Tracks

The following video shows how the book was filled and updated in real time on a dedicated screen during the party.

The Book ⇣ PDF

Blury Factory, A party to print Book
Blury Factory, A party to print Book
Blury Factory, A party to print Book
Blury Factory, A party to print Book
Blury Factory, A party to print Book
Blury Factory, A party to print Book



A Party to Print, at HfG Karlsruhe in the Summersemester 2023


29/06/2023 at HfG Karlsruhe 10:00PM ➞ 04:00AM


Sarah Garcin and Raphaël Bastide


Kevin Beckmann
Rahel Diederich
Hoin Ji
Kimin Han
Maximilian Zschiesche
Melanie Wisser
Róza Velkei
Lea Moescheid
Moritz Schneider
Francesco Perale
Anna Katalin Szilagyi

Font in the book

Ocr-Pbi by Luuse

Book: Copies


Book: Number of pages


Book: Graphic Design

Moritz Schneider
Roza Velkei
Francesco Perale

Scripts and libraries

Web standards
PHP to list images and text as HTML
Python and the Vosk library for the speech-to-text
Paged.js for the print layout
Syncthings to synchronise folders between machines during the party