Wild Webcraft Workshop
Chaumont Festival 2012

To see the pages as the students made it
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Page Workshoper Track Artist Duration
Xavier Klein Private Death Napalm Death 00:36
Etienne Frasson-Cochet Viking Moondog 03:00
Cécile Jaillard Funny Bones and Lazy Legs Xploding Plastic 04:48
Antoine Gelgon Guillotine Death Grips 03:43
Pierre Constantin C'est la fête mais tout le monde est mort Bougnasse Corp. 01:18
Florentin Bodet Du Biff (Plapla Pink rework) Booba 02:33
Marilou Bal Into The Night Angelo Badalamenti 04:46
Karl-Lidwick Fausta Suicide Social Orelsan 05:48
Nemuel Hectus Sous influence Orelsan 05:08
Idriss Marie-Calixte Fevrier 74 Kolo Barst 2:22
Samuel Rivers-Moore
+ Ève Chabanon
Let's Read a Book A*Class
Julien Royer House Of The Rising Sun The Animals et plein d’autres 04:32



This project took place during the Festival International de l'Affiche et du Graphisme de Chaumont 2012. Parallax is the name of a web Best Of (compilation) made for the Wild Webcraft Workshop.

Students experiments were optimised for Google Chrome.

All the work presented on this web page are under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License.

A workshop by Raphaël Bastide.
Thanks to all the students and Étienne Hervy.



Animation: Xavier Klein