Hello beautiful people of Spring ’83.

In 2023, I will teach digital culture in art school. I would like to bring them on here.

I find it interesting to mix the discovery of creative HTML / CSS / Writing with a social network at the scale of the classroom, and the distance Spring’83 brings to conventional social networks feels great to discuss in class. I also like that they will come to an existing place, with already a bit of activity.

I am still thinking about how I am going to do, technically: I would like to build a simple tool for the students to publish and code locally easily. My first test will be to gather in one web app, both the publishing and the archiving of boards. Indeed, I want students to see their progression through versions of their board, just like I did with my board archive page (source code).

My intuition would be to handle publishing with a clone of Robin’s Follower Sentinel. I want to avoid the frustrating 3 hours in front of a CLI, to install python, go, or whatever, on 30 obscure proprietary OSs.

I am very curious about your feedback:

  1. Is spring ’83 “stable” enough for such an experiment?
  2. What will happen if 40 boards appear at once?
  3. What do you think of my technical choices, what would you advise?

Thanks, see you around. Raphaël