In Screen Cinema

Works of the students of Parsons Paris, Core LAB 1: NARRATIVE 2018, instructor: Raphaël Bastide

Students were invited to create a digital film exclusively based on video captures of computers and digital device screens.

Sleeping Beauty

Sacha Assi

I, like many many other girls, watched Sleeping Beauty when I was younger and read the tale. I remember wishing this would be me before I went to sleep. However, I grew up and thankfully so did society. Listening to the story now makes me laugh more than anything else because of the absurdity and the low-key sexism. This is why I decided to reinvent the way it's told and adapt it. This in-screen video is a modern twist on the traditional fairytale. By showcasing various digital media on an in-screen platform, the story of the famous Sleeping Beauty is told in a modern and diverse context (with a few hints of satire) that creates a captivating contrast between what the tale represents and today's technology/internet culture and social ideals.

Life is Food

Angelica D'Alisera

The narrative revolves around characters that will be represented by the icons of iPhone applications, in this case Duolingo and Temple Run, which were selected both because of their colours and their animal-like features. Each home-page will only contain one application, of which the name written underneath the app, will be their speech throughout the conversation. As the narrative evolves the home-page wallpaper changes according to the setting in which the story takes place. Finally, the beginning and the end of the story are marked by the iPhone’s Control Center, as the luminosity increases or decreases, the night-mode is switched on or off, and the Music presents the title of the work. This project truly allowed me to explore the features held by every iPhone, as one is able to download a website onto a home-page, ultimately changing its title or name. It was quite challenging, however, to find a website with the right icon, as most of these were not programmed by its creators to have one. Furthermore, the Control Center really allowed me to play with my idea of day and night, ultimately framing the narrative with a beginning and an end. The resources found on internet as well as my instructor truly gave me the opportunity to create and develop my ideas for this project.

Hello World: A digital story about telling a digital story

Jenna Bickhardt

This short video is constructed from a screen recording of a duration of 2 minutes and 39 seconds, in which three coded text narratives, 3 video collages on loop, and one outside audio source serve as dialogue, cast, and narration. The recording highlights the importance of interactivity in a digital narrative, as the mouse also plays a key role in the necessity of clicking to continue. The intention is to draw upon priorly produced digital narratives, such as those which can be found in electronic gaming to represent a certain dynamic and gratification found only in these types of narration. Here, we witness the presence of 3 characters; Hello, World, and an Omniscient Power, and the viewer watches as Hello and World struggle with their separation from each other in two separate screen windows until the Omniscient Power brings them back together again to form the ultimate phrase of the digital age “Hello World.”

The Psychotherapist

Nasia Chan

This project explores one of the hidden games on the Mac computer, which can be opened at command on Terminal. The game “doctor” resembles chatbots, like the Woebot developed by a team of Stanford psychologists and A.I. experts. This chatbot is a service to improve mental health for $39 per month. In comparison, the psychotherapist on the Mac is for free. After playing the game for several times, I have realised that the game stimulates the opposite of mental health; it makes one confused and annoyed. At this point, I wanted to test this game out in reality. Thus, I pretended to be the psychotherapist, reading off the questions and replies of the machine, while feeding it the answers of the patient. The patients were given the freedom to end the conversation whenever they wanted. Several people terminated the game within two or three minutes. However, in one case, an individual went over five minutes. This conversation turned out to be very interesting. It showed the flaws of computer-generated answers multiple times. Furthermore, the longer the conversation went, new answers from the computer appeared. In the end, it is just a game, a mind game.

The Transmergence of Jacolby

Nicholas Evans

The Transmergence of Jacolby by Nicholas Evans attempts to show what goes on in our mind and decision making. It takes inspiration from Lucian Freud’s psychological studies on the unconscious and the conscious. The film exaggerates the possible battle between the conscious that would appeal more to the world and the unconscious that would be composed of the true motives and desires that the world would not accept. The film is broken into frames that contain 2 to 3 frames each: One the unconscious, one the Conscious, and the much bigger frame representing the character Jacolby. Each character has a specific style where the conscious and Jacolby have similar styles to reflect how one can be obsessed with fitting into the world. While the unconscious is tiger like and raw at some point to hand drawn rather than computer drawn or pixels. Animalistic comes from Freud’s theory of the unconscious is the animal like side to us. Majority of the film’s medium consist of animated gifs. Goes through the normal day then the second day is when Jacolby has what Freud called “slips of the tongue” that are believed to be straight from the unconscious and this frightens him.Tools: Adobe, Obs.


Tedi Islami

Video created using obs to record the screen, parsec to share control of computer and premier pro to edit. The subject centers around one computer whos control is shared between three people. Two of the individuals who are given control are unaware of the recording and have not been given any direction on what to do, only access to the screen keyboard and mouse, control of which they have to fight for or share. Amusingly both of the featured guests seem to give themselves purpose imminently. The first, Fluffy, attempts to find the porn in my computer, the second, Aboje attempts to clean up my disc space. Tedi Islami

Find my phone

Thalia Kassem

A short movie narrating the story of a stolen phone. The story is based on the fact that Google has the power of spying upon its users through location and sound tracking.Tools: Google Maps, Sound recordings.

League of Angels

Ieva Lygnugaryte

A Screen film "League of Angels" by Sophomore AMT student Ieva Lygnugaryte. Concept: This is a 5 min film shows the loneliness behind anonymous internet surfer. The internet was ought to be a platform created to connect people to share their affairs from all around the world. However, it's function became not only that: the internet today is another reality full of lonely, searching people who are there to find comfort in destiny tellers, youtube speakers who took the role of virtual therapists and in an observation of other people without having to interact with them, thus leading the society to a state of passive social masochism. Tools and Resources: This video was made using the Quicktime Player Screen recorder and later edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Visuals were taken from a staged computer background,,,, and The audio was taken from the, recorded interactions between the user and the people that were met during the conversations. Narratives Lab 2018 at Parsons Paris. Instructor : Raphaël Bastide

No Filter

Farah Mrad

This short video denounces today's "fakeness" on social media, the accessibility of editing ourself with user friendly applications to fit in social standards of beauty and the obsession we have towards fame on those social media platforms.

Psychedelic Experience

Ryuku Otsuka

Concept: is expression of psychedelic experience. As there are wave while one is experiencing it; it starts, it gets really intense, and gets paranoid, for some people. Based on scientific research about brain. Tool: Iphone 6, Facebook, Premiere Pro CC 2018 Collaborated with Mona and Nick

There is a Light

Natalie Stuckey

This film centers around someone trying to get rid of a psychotic admirer. He sings a song about tragedy, inviting her to join


Jonathan Riese

Sometimes I catch myself scrolling into nothing, blindly liking, watching, clicking and reading. I see the screen, images, words, but the meaning does not register in my mind, it does not mean anything. Sometimes I do not even know how I got there, opening Facebook, YouTube or Instagram is more like a reflex, my bodies subconscious response to any second of silence. This short film is not meant to criticize Social Media as a whole, but our habit of using technology to fill every empty second and our addiction to the endless scroll. It shows an exaggeration of this state, where the protagonist does not even notice the lack of content until he is woken up as the scroll stops. The awakening leads to frustration about the lack of content, of "something real", and makes him/her close the window, just to repeat the process all over again. The expression of this frustration is autocorrected, making it just another post in the stream of empty content. The protagonist then closes the browser, going back to the starting point. The film was entirely shot in one screen recording with the computers built-in microphone. All sites were coded, taking inspiration from codepen and modifying pens to fit the video's needs. This film was created for Narratives Lab 2018 at Parsons Paris. Instructor : Raphaël Bastide

Effortless Presence

Jemima Sieff

my film is about our generation and what it has become. Focusing on the fast pace speed of our society, the sound is contrasting with the imagery and the concept of the project. Bringing awareness to what im addressing through the collage/film.

Extraterrestrial Activity

Noor Selleg

This film is about a girl named Lisa who has a blog about aliens and other conspiracy theories. Throughout this short movie, we follow an anonymous blog reader scrolling through the blog and looking at the posted videos. As a viewer we follow the narrative told through the videos on the blog, when a strange noise is heard in the girl's apartment. The aim of this project is to find a creative way to tell a story by the means of screen recording.

Im Okay.

Mona Zanana

A screenrecording taken from an iPhone portrays an individual who pretends she is okay. It is meant to shed light on the fact that everyone is going through something, even though they may seem happy. This issue also dives into this fake perception of happiness created on social media and the need to portay a perfect life. The over arching theme throughout the video is fake happiness.