DIGIMP = Digital Improvisation

Manually controlled instrument created to improvise graphics with improvised music, a free jazz band or dancers – This project tries is to conceive graphic spontaneous creation as a musical instrument interacting with others. A basic language of shapes, colors, sounds and movements needs to be found or invented before each performance. This leads sometimes to a graphic or typographic table of behaviours, central documentation for the performers.

DIGIMP performance at École de Recherche Graphique with Gaspard Jiercé saxophonist - 2009.

Performance Sound Image Movement at ART 77, Brussels - Dancers: Pierre Noel Bright and Masami Sakura -Choreographer: Stéphane Bourhis - Sound: Anthony Braucourt

DIGIMP performance at SHARE Brussels #4, 24 Nov 2009

Improvisation language - typographic draft

Performance at ERG - Photo Marc Wathieu

Screen captures during a short improvisation set

A project by Raphaël Bastide